Preparing for Your Appointment

Please take a few minutes in a calm space to review our practice’s pricing. Before your appointment, ensure you have:

Important: Dr. Bekker requires documentation of formal testing for ADD/ADHD before prescribing any stimulants. If you haven’t undergone any testing, Dr. Bekker will assist in referring you to a suitable testing site.

your Appointment

Insurance Information

In-network Insurance Patients:

  • At the time of your visit, you’ll be responsible for any patient responsibilities, such as copayments or deductibles.
  • Post-visit, we’ll send a claim to your insurance to cover the remaining cost.
  • If you’re unsure about your insurance details, please call the member services number on the back of your card.

Out-of-Network Insurance Patients:

  • You’ll be considered a self-pay patient and will bear the full cost of the visit.
  • After your appointment, we’ll provide the necessary forms to help you claim potential reimbursements from your insurance.

Pricing Details

Initial Evaluation: $500 (Self-pay rate without insurance)

  • Duration: 45-60 minutes. This includes an evaluation and initial diagnosis.

Follow-up Appointment: $250 (Self-pay rate without insurance)

  • Typically lasts between 15-30 minutes, covering medication management and therapy when deemed appropriate.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Dr. Bekker currently accepts:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Horizon BCBS
  • Empire BlueCross BlueShield
  • Oscar
  • Oxford
  • UnitedHealthcare

Please Note: We don’t accept Medicaid or Medicare, but our office can assist you in submitting insurance claims to other providers.

Appointment Policies

To book an appointment with Dr. Bekker, you must have:

  • An active credit card
  • A valid phone number

Your data is stored securely and will only be used in cases of no-shows or late cancellations. To ensure we provide optimal care to all our patients, punctuality is crucial. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice. Failing to do so will result in a charge equivalent to the full fee of the appointment.

Insurance Accepted

Dr. Yana Bekker is an in-network psychiatrist with the following commercial insurance plans: